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[Electrictimes] KOREA Lighting, ‘Cell-Regen’, a skin beauty device that overseas markets first paid attention to


Skin improvement in 20 minutes using near-infrared wavelengths, launching Wadiz funding

Entering the new LED lighting market... Aiming for floodlights, explosion-proof lights, and landscape lights

KOREA Lighting (CEO Lee Dong-woo, former BK Technology), which specializes in LED lighting and
skin beauty devices, has entered the domestic and international skin beauty market with Cell-Regen,
a skin beauty device for hands and feet.
KOREA Lighting recently announced that it launched Cell-Regen, a beauty device that
can achieve skin improvement effects with just a short period of use, on the 15th of last month through Wadiz Funding.

Cell-Regen is a product that received many love calls from overseas buyers
at the Consumer Goods Exhibition held in Las Vegas, USA last February.
If you irradiate your hands and feet with near-infrared wavelengths that have skin-improving functions for 20 minutes,
you can get skin regeneration and whitening effects.
KOREA Lighting has a strategy to enter the domestic skin care device market in earnest through Cell-Regen.

At the Light+Building exhibition held in Frankfurt, Germany last month,
Cell-Regen also attracted the attention of visitors with its original idea and rapid skin improvement effect.

In addition, KOREA Lighting will advance into the new LED lighting installation market with its LED lighting technology.
It plans to enter the new LED lighting installation market from the first half of next year by building a diverse lineup,
including LED floodlights, LED landscape lights, and LED explosion-proof lights.
Recently, preparations were completed by relocating the factory and head office to Namdong-gu, Incheon.

KOREA Lighting is a company that has grown rapidly in the streetlight and security light replacement market
through its self-developed LED lighting replacement solution ‘VITAMIN LED’.
VITAMIN LED has been leading the domestic LED lighting replacement market as it can be made into LED lighting
by replacing streetlights and security lights that use non-LED light sources such as metal halide lamps without replacing lamp poles.

However, based on the structure of the heat sink lead frame, the VITAMIN LED can improve output regardless of the size of the lamp.
Since the total amount of light is improved by integrating the LED chip, PCB, and heat sink into one,
it has been evaluated as suitable for high-power products.

The company explains that it has built a new lineup to respond to word of mouth in the maintenance market and
demand for products in the new installation market.
Accordingly, from the first half of next year, floodlights, explosion-proof lights, and landscape lights using VITAMIN LEDs can be additionally seen.

Lee Dong-woo, CEO of KOREA Lighting, said, “VITAMIN LED is a product that has all three elements: high light efficiency, long lifespan, and strong durability.”
"As energy bills are expected to continue to rise, we want to contribute by providing the most reasonable lighting solutions to the market," he said.

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